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Online Therapy

Providing Online Therapy Statewide (Georgia + New York + Colorado)

Those searching for a women's online therapist are encouraged to reach out and connect through a phone consultation with Anna Gray Therapy. I am here to provide the affirming, validating and down-to-earth services you can rely on. I have the insight and experience to provide the right environment for effective therapy sessions designed to help you attain the progress you’ve been seeking in your life. To find out more about my practice and who I am, please take a chance to check out the ‘About’ section on my website. I strive to give you the tools and services needed to establish or upgrade your sense of well-being.


Online therapy provides many benefits, such as being able to engage in therapy from the comfort of your own home, as well as saving valuable time that would otherwise be spent driving back and forth between sessions. Please use the contact information on my website to connect with me directly and schedule a free phone consultation. I look forward to providing top-notch service to you at a point in your life when you need healing and understanding the most.

Online Therapy: About Me
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