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Frequently Asked Questions [Anna Gray Therapy]

Is therapy right for me?

Yes! For anyone motivated and willing to engage in therapy aimed towards realizing their most fulfilling path in life, this endeavor is significant. Therapy can be a life-changing process, either helping us fine-tune those areas in our lives that need a little help, or completely shifting the direction of our lives in a profound way.


What is therapy like?

Therapy is different for every person. Anna Gray Therapy offers online therapy sessions, very much like in-person sessions in terms of content and session flow. Anna Gray would work with you to create a customized treatment plan during the initial intake assessment, guided not only by Anna’s expertise, but by the direction you want therapy to go and the kind of progress you seek to make. Anna does not solely impose goals for you, but rather likes to collaborate with you in this process in which you are both so intimately involved.


How long will I need to attend therapy to feel better?

This truly depends on you. If you know exactly what the issues are that you want to work on in therapy, it may be a shorter therapeutic course than if you feel a general sense of discontent with your life. On the other hand, sometimes people know exactly what the issue is that is hindering their sense of joy, and are not entirely ready to address them yet. Either way, we can work together to determine the right course of action as we create your customized treatment plan specific to addressing your personal needs. Sometimes therapeutic goals can be achieved in as little as several months, and sometimes there is more work to be done after several years. Each person and situation is unique. 


Is this practice inclusive? Is it only for women?

Anna Gray Therapy is a private practice which strives to be as inclusive as possible. While the primary focus is women undergoing significant life transitions, Anna Gray gladly works with individuals from all walks of life, as long as the therapeutic relationship is helpful to the person seeking services. This practice is, at its core, is based on the fundamental values of anti-racism, LGBTQ-affirmation, and feminism. Anna Gray has enjoyed working with people from many different cultural, racial, and spiritual backgrounds, as well as people outside of the Gen Z and millennial populations. 


Do you offer in-person therapy?

Anna Gray does not currently offer in-person therapy services, as all sessions are offered through a secure online platform. While some higher acuity situations may be best served by in-person therapy, Anna Gray offers online therapy services for those whose situations lend themselves to effective work through telehealth. In fact, many people seeking therapy nowadays actually tend to prefer the remote, online format. 


Do you offer online therapy? Is online therapy effective?

Yes! Anna Gray Therapy does offer online therapy. This mode of therapy covers the same bases that in-person therapy does, with several unique twists. When engaging in therapy through a virtual format, people tend to feel more comfortable, sometimes even safer doing so from the comfort of their own home. Additionally, people often appreciate not having to consider transportation to and from a therapy office. Having the ability to offer services statewide through the states of Georgia, New York and Colorado allows Anna Gray Therapy to service a much wider range of people than would ever be the case through a brick and mortal physical location. The content of a virtual therapy session is essentially the same as it would be in-person, with the benefit of additional information being conveyed when the client engages in therapy from their home setting. 


Is therapy covered by insurance? How do I find out the cost of therapy?

The self-pay rate for each 50-minute session is $175. Anna Gray does not accept any type of insurance in Georgia or Colorado, however does accept several insurances in New York (see "Insurance and Fees" section for further detail). Anna Gray Therapy offers therapeutic services not covered by insurance, and is considered to be an out-of-network provider. Upon request, a superbill may be provided to the client, which they can submit to their insurance for potential reimbursement depending on their insurance plan. It is recommended to consult with your insurance provider before engaging in therapy to find out what they offer in terms of out-of-network benefits and reimbursement. 

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