Hello! I'm Anna

I specialize in helping women manage difficult life transitions such as adulting, relationship distress, quarter-life crises, career pursuits, parenting, caregiving, and more. I am honored to support my clients who are dealing with grief and loss, or who may be experiencing anxiety that feels out of hand. My approach is fine tuned, using radical genuineness and mindfulness therapy to help you learn how to manage these unique stressors while maintaining authenticity and calm. Societal pressures and the varied and changing roles of women nowadays require a focused, feminist, and knowledgable approach.

My experience consists primarily of working with adolescent and adult populations, age 12 and up. I have years of experience practicing psychotherapy and before that a background in hospice as well. I have also taught numerous skills classes for adolescents and adults geared toward learning different ways of coping with life stressors. 

Looking back at the clients I have served over the years, I have been able to find something about every single one of them that I admire. In my own experience, I have come to view change as the only constant, which is why I find such value in being able to help my clients through significant life transitions. 


My Core Values





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Image by Allison Wopata

I am honored and humbled to bear witness to the challenges and strengths that my clients bring to the table. I truly believe that every person has within themselves a sense of wisdom which can guide them toward not only surviving life, but thriving within it. Sometimes we all need a little help to uncover that wisdom, and that’s where I come in. In my practice, I enjoy supporting those who desire more connectedness, wholeness and balance within their personal circumstances. I work with individuals who are feeling worn down by major life transitions, anxiety, depression, grief, self-doubt, or are trying to navigate through a life very different than the one they expected to be living.


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